“Malas Calles”, what is it?

Streets are tough and surviving on them is but a jungle, each step must be carefully taken. Malas Calles intends to recreate the toughness of a medieval city set on a low fantasy world. Malas Calles will has the structure of a well-polished Sandbox which requires further explanation: there won’t be personal plots given specifically to characters, but actions taking place at different points of the game.
We have prepared a living city, that is to say, like on any real city, important or ordinary happenings will occur. When filling in the inscription, the player will include a brief background which defines the character according to the lore given.
Following such background, the character arrives to the city in order to actually live, unavoidably the events happening on the city will affect the characters. In case there is a quarrel, the character will decide the way in which that quarrel affects him/her and the role taken accordingly.
Parvonna is a vast stage made available for players. From the organization there are several triggers which will eventually be released, for instance, the King is known to be arriving on Saturday evening, being that one of the major events affecting plot developments amongst characters.
How may I get an entrance for the masquerade ball? May I introduce myself to the King? Could I tell him about my heroic performances in order to gain his protection? should I warn him about a possible danger? Or maybe slay him?
The game is developed by players, and it’s them who will decide the game course according to the episodes made available by the organization.
We have developed several main stories which every character may influence, and these stories will be the main axis of the game. This way minor events (e.g.: murder investigations, citizen quarrels, dock monkey business, escorting quests, transport, message deliveries amongst clans or places to discover might provide information) will intertwine with major events, for instance an episode which changes the status quo between two major clans, the death of an emblematic persona, a massive brawl on the city, etc.

Like in every other LARP, we have split the game in various phases with the particularity of Saturday night; it is considered a very important phase (specifically on Parvonna) . The city will be well lit at night thus totally playable.
The game begins on Friday night, being the phases: Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and evening, Saturday night and Sunday morning.
Malas Calles must be considered particular regarding combats, though a huge brawl might well occur, the event is to be thought as an urban area where alley skirmishes are way more common.
In order to clarify, we might think of the skirmishes in which Captain Alastriste often gets involved in Madrid’s Golden Age. At the same time such skirmishes are well combined with massive clan fights like the ones seen on Gangs of New York.
Parvonna will be structured according to the four major clans which control the city, below them, the street gangs try to integrate in the above mentioned clans in order to get the protection. Below the gangs, Big Papa Kindhearted rules an horde of ragged rogue kids who control the gutters of Parvonna: the Nailstock.
On the other side, there’s the Governor and the Watch, who represent the Duke’s power on the city. The Custom and Fees are found on the docks, a group or rejected high elves who have taken over the control of custom and Fees, they fast got in the business due to their credibility and cash.
There are two ships tied on the port, with their respective crews. All these folk plus traders and innkeepers shape Parvonna’s citizens.
The main goal of Malas Calles is to have fun and intend to live the city for a weekend, with its lights and shadows. You can’t just win on a place like this, but neither may you lose; the city will always behold a new sunset whatever happens.