Turballos is the place where Malas Calles is celebrated. During a weekend, this beautiful inland town of Valencian community becomes the harbour city of Parvonna, where every corner might become a perilous adventure. Turballos keeps its medieval architecture based on stone buildings, as well as its unique cobbled pavement. With a main square divided on three stages, this villa has multiple areas to be explored and houses where the adventure will be developed, in addition, these houses will be accessible to live our adventures.

This charming village has three entrances which have been defined according to the following way: southern entrance routes to the docks, where the Ever Sea starts and players will find two ships and another one in construction on the shipyards. Another entrance is Northern area where the humongous entry gate, which gives access to Solia dukedom, the vastest extension of terrain which borders with Ablia.
Last but not least, Westerns sea exit from the slums is known as the King’s Docks. This way of limiting spaces depicts well the game area for the weekend.
Turballos is accessible via car practically to the game area so that players mustn’t carry heavy belongings on foot.
Turballos is next to a mountain foot and surrounded by a Mediterranean forest, cozy natural areas which we request to be respected as well as enjoyed. The area is absolutely clean and full of life.

On the central square there is a public fountain to moist and keep going. Quite close is to be found Muro de Alcoy, 3kms away, Concentaina is 5kms away and Alcoy is 9kms away, all of them with any service needed. Actually, there is a central Hospital on Alcoy and a primary health care center on Muro de Alcoy. On the event location we reckon with an ambulance for 24h emergencies.